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South Tower Race


What is the "South Tower" Race?

June 26-27, 2015

The South Tower race was dreamed up at the bar years ago by a group of rowdy almost comatose sailors who thought a fun and exciting time could be had by racing their boats from Stockton around the South Tower of the Golden Gate bridge and back to the Stockton Sailing Club. If you want to try it, be forewarned it can get pretty hairy out there at night trying to tack through the winding , twisting sometimes shallow river. If you're lucky you'll round the one and only mark, now Blackaller buoy, before midnight. If you've got the good karma you'll be able to ride the incoming tide for awhile before the winds come up to hurl you back to the Stockton Sailing Club. Not for everyone but it sure feels good if and when you cross the finish line. If you didn't blow up your spinnaker in the Ditch Run you might want to try it. It's one of those "everyone should try it at least once" kind of races.

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